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Everything’s bigger in Texas! Self-made millionaires, Mike "Rooster" McConaughey and Butch Gilliam, believe in the American Dream and are looking for ambitious entrepreneurs to spread their wealth. Living life by the "Golden Rule," Rooster and Butch are eager to help other folks get a leg up the same way others helped them along the way. A pretty balance sheet will only get you so far in West Texas - these good old boys will only throw their money down after they’ve tested the true measure of an entrepreneur's character. Integrity first; idea second.


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The Guys



Mike “Rooster” McConaughey
Co-Chairman, West Texas Ltd.

Armed with a larger-than-life personality, a wheeler-dealer spirit and a trusted reputation, Rooster McConaughey has built a multi-million dollar business empire out of a field of rusted pipe. With holdings in a multitude of industries including livestock, real estate, media, technology, and more, Rooster's portfolio is as diverse as it is strong. Rooster, however, is fueled by more than just profit. What really drives him is the romance and challenge of being able to invest in businesses far outside of his comfort zone. The challenge of taking on the unknown and figuring it out is at the core of every investment that Rooster makes.

No man makes it alone and Rooster never forgets that. Having been the beneficiary of the kindness, support, and investment of those that believed in him he knows just how much a little help can mean to someone on their way up. Through West Texas Ltd., (an investment and mentorship group formed with his friend and business partner Butch Gilliam), Rooster is able to truly pay it forward in a way that has a real and lasting effect.  

Want to get to know Rooster even better? Check him out Wednesday nights at 10pm on A&E.

Butch Gilliam
Co-Chairman, West Texas Ltd.

Ask Butch Gilliam to tell you his story and what you will hear is the tail of a true rags-to-riches journey. After leaving school at just 13, Butch worked in his father's West Texas business (Curley’s Machine Shop) as an apprentice with hopes of learning the family trade. As it turns out, Butch would do much more than just follow in his father's footsteps. Over the years, Butch worked his way up from pushing a broom all the way to the design table where he helped create leading edge tools that would revolutionize the energy industry. In 2004, seeing a unique opportunity, Butch took a chance and purchased the patent for a unique pipe threading technology at a cost exceeding $200,000. By 2006, with many irons in the fire and many more to on the horizon, Butch knew better than to spread himself too thin and sold the machine shop along with his newly acquired patent to Newport Steel for over $120 million. 

Like his friend and business partner, Rooster McConaughey, Butch appreciates the hunger, desire, work ethic, and courage of entrepreneurship and is all-in when it comes to helping someone with a hand up. As co-chairman of West Texas Ltd., Butch has helped numerous entrepreneurs both young and old pursue and achieve their dreams. Butch lives by the motto “Take a Bite Out of Life” and that is exactly what he has done and will continue to do until the last bite has been swallowed. 

Want to get to know Butch even better? Check him out Wednesday nights at 10pm on A&E.



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